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A Cut Above: Choosing the Right Beef for the Perfect Dish

A Cut Above: Choosing the Right Beef for the Perfect Dish

Beef dishes are often nostalgic. Whether it’s a cultural staple like steak frit that takes you to France, mom’s secret meatloaf recipe, or a hearty stew grown with you, beef plays a huge role in countless dishes. increase. You can add spices to meat with rich sauces and seasonings, but one factor is the same. The quality of the cut.

Start here and choose a cooking style based on what’s in the kitchen. Whether you have the time, rest and stew the beef all day, or prefer freshly grilled tenderloin, the best beef to add to your repertoire so that you can quickly serve the right food for your restaurant. The recipe is shown below.

Not all cuts are the same. Providore, Sri Lanka’s premier cloud supermarket, offers a wide variety of beef fillets. Stronger and cheaper beef fillets can be as tasty as more expensive and softer beef-they need to be prepared correctly!

As a general rule of thumb, meat should have a balance between flavor and texture. The more connective tissue, the tougher and tastier the cut. The less connective tissue, the more delicate the incision.

Read on to find out more about each cut, including the ideal cooking method for each.


Taken from the shoulder, this cut can be a little tough but boasts a deep beefy flavour. In order to break down the connective tissue, this cut is at its best when cooked “long and slow” in a crock pot or a braise.


This cut, taken from the leg, is generally quite tough and chewy. However, it can be transformed into a mouthwatering dish, with deeply flavorsome meat falling apart at the touch of a fork, if cooked in a braise or stew.


Known to be a very tough cut of beef, brisket should be cooked at a low temperature for a long period of time. This will tenderize the cut and yield intensely flavorsome meat. It is absolutely gorgeous when cooked as a pot roast or smoked slowly.


Cut from the rib area, as the name would suggest, this piece of meat is very tender and full of flavour. Beautifully marbled with fat, ribs are great grilled, broiled, or even slow cooked.

Short Plate

A cut taken from the belly, the short plate is tough but can be prepared in such a way as to yield breathtakingly delicious meat when braised.


This is one of the toughest cuts, as it is taken from the cow’s abdominal muscles. It is used in Asian and Mexican cooking, as part of a stir fry or to make beef fajitas.


Sliced from the back of the cow, this is one of the tenderest cuts you will find. Filet mignon, porterhouse steaks, and T-bone steaks are taken from the loin. These cuts are best grilled or broiled. The important thing to remember is not to overcook it!


Also taken from the back of the cow, just past the loin, the sirloin is a tender and flavourful cut of beef. It is perhaps most delicious grilled.


Known to be chewy and tough, this cut is taken from the back of the cow, above the hind legs. This cut is best braised or roasted with a sauce or gravy.

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