8 Most Useful Tips for Executing a Solo House Shifting to Another City

Since you are considering executing a solo house shifting to another city, it is very normal to feel clueless about where to start. There are too many tasks that you need to perform and that too within a stipulated time. Therefore, you need to know the right hacks to carry out a shifting process that is customized for a solo mover. In this article, I have presented the 8 most useful tips for executing a solo house shifting to another city. Read along the below-mentioned pointers:

1. Strategise the move

When you are shifting alone from one city to another, you need to focus on strategizing your move at first. Chalk out the basic factors on which your move will rest. The first factor is to decide the date of the move and the second factor is the budget of the move. If you are not bound to move within a certain date, then choose your moving day keeping one month as the preparation period for the move. When you decide on the moving budget, you should make sure that the moving budget doesn’t interrupt your regular expenses.

2. Fix your mode of shifting

After deciding the two major factors of your house shifting, it is time to decide the third factor; the mode of your move. Deciding the mode of your move somewhat depends upon the date and budget of your move. If you have enough time and funds, you should book a moving company to help you in your solo house shifting. But if you are falling short on either of the two factors, then you might have to shift on your own.

House shifting by yourself is better said than done. You have to do all the packing, stacking, moving, unloading, and unpacking on your own. This is going to create a lot of commotion and you may lose your patience and sanity for the same. You do not have any experience in packing and moving and hence you may end up damaging the goods. On the contrary, the packers and movers do the same job every day and they are trained for it. They will pack and move your belongings with care, safety, and on time. Thus, choose to hire a moving company for your solo house shifting to another city.

3. Enquire about discounts

As you are moving from one city to another, the moving charges will be higher than that of a local house shifting. But it is you who has to pay the charges for your solo shifting. So, it never hurts to enquire in the moving company if the charges can be reduced through discounts. Many moving companies give out discounts due to festivals or during their off-season to attract more customers. But if you do not ask for discounts, they may not mention it to you at all. Make sure that you enquire about the discounts that they can offer you at that very moment.

4. Free your house from mess

Distance is the main reason for your moving charges in case of an intercity move. Don’t increase the charges by making the size of the move too big. Rather you should free your house from all the mess due to the unnecessary items. You can keep these aside and move with the belongings that are useful to you in the future. If you want, you can sell or donate those unnecessary items that can be repurposed. You should dispose of the items that are damaged and corroded. Reducing the size of your move will reduce the cost of the solo move to another city to a great extent.

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5. Pack the valuables and an overnight box

Whenever you are shifting your house, be it a local or an intercity move, you need to handle some of the shifting chores on your own. Two such chores are to pack your valuables and pack an overnight kit. Being a solo mover, you much be having some valuable possessions like a few gold chains, dainty pendants and bracelets, wristwatches, a laptop, and your educational and work credentials. Pack these things in a separate bag before the moving day and move them with you as you move to the other city.

When you pack an overnight box, you can use a packing box as the name states or you can also use a spacious luggage bag or a tote bag for the same purpose. Pack the essentials that you will need in the first few days after you move into your new house before unpacking the boxes. Don’t forget to include your dental kit, bed sheets, towels, fresh clothes, undergarments, basic toiletries, some first-aid items, and house cleaning supplies.

6. Get insured for your intercity move

When you are shifting your house from one city to another, the distance between your current house and your new house plays some adverse roles in causing you agitation. You should not take any risk about the safety of your goods on the move. Get insured for your intercity move and your moving company will compensate you for the damages caused to your belongings on the move.

7. Take care of the utilities

This is another area where your moving company cannot intervene. You have to take care of the utilities as they are the major requirements of our daily life like water connection, electricity connection, and gas connection. Call the utility providers of your current house and ask them to disconnect the services from the day of your move. Call the utility service providers of your new house and ask them to provide you with new connections on the day of your arrival in the new house.

8. Make new acquaintances

As you move into a new house in the new city, you may find yourself a little disconnected from the rest of the world around you. The only way to fill your life with familiar faces is by meeting and socializing with them. Find out ways to socialize like gym, parks, local markets, etc. Check your social media handles to find your former classmates and childhood friends in the new city.

In Brief

Solo house shifting may sound monotonous and can make you imagine a lone wolf. But it is not the reality as there are many advantages of solo shifting. You can decide and go ahead with your plans as you like them. Make sure you decide the right things in the first place. Verify the authenticity of the packers and movers from Bangalore to Delhi before fixing them. Plan your move early and start your preparations immediately. Follow the 8 most useful tips for executing a solo house shifting to another city from the pointer mentioned above. I wish you a solo YOLO move!


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