5 Retail Arbitrage Sourcing Tips for Amazon FBA Success

Amazon FBA

Today, I’m going to share with you my top five pieces of advice on RA that don’t have anything to do with purchasing but are all to be related to success.

1. Retail arbitrage isn’t illegal, source with confidence.

Some new Amazon sellers may be hesitant when they shop from retail stores. They’re hesitant to scan products in public, and are concerned that they might be in danger for doing what they’re doing.

Today, some stores do not like resellers. So their policies may prohibit the use of scanners in a free manner however, retail arbitrage isn’t unlawful.

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There is nothing in violation of the law when you scan the inventory of a retail store So, scan confidently. Follow the store’s policies however, don’t worry that you’re in violation of the law.

2. Be honest if your customer asks you questions.

If your customers inquire about the reason you’re scanning things or why you’ve got an assortment of toys Don’t be afraid to concisely and honestly answer their questions. It’s not necessary to go into detail in case you don’t need to. However, you could make a brief statement such as, “I have an online store, and I’m buying toys to sell on Amazon.”

There’s no reason to lie; often people are simply curious, not judging. A concise, straightforward answer is more effective (and less suspect!) than avoiding the question or going off and taking cover.

3. Inform store staff about the things you’re doing.

The same applies to employees. If someone from the store inquires about what you’re up to, give them a brief, honest answer. Some retailers aren’t reseller-friendly, so you should be wary of buying from these stores.

A lot of stores are more than willing to the concept of Amazon sellers buying their stock directly from the shelves.

There have been times when the store’s employee ask me what I’m doing and when I say I’m trying to find bargains to sell on Amazon I’m met with the response, “Oh, we have more stuff in the back you can look at.” They can help me find more bargains!

4. Establish good relationships with employees at the store

If you establish a routine to be open and friendly to store employees and managers, then you are likely to establish friendships with them and get an even greater chance of purchasing incredible deals on RA.

I’ve had store managers request to know my contact number to inform me when the next round of clearances will be coming up. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to request store managers to see whether they would be willing to give me the best discount on already cheap clearance prices if I decide to buy everything in a particular product. Being friendly and professional will help you succeed in the business world!

5. You’ll leave the store cleaner than you came in.

It’s true that the act of kindness could be a big help when you’re shopping at retail stores. Some stores aren’t fond of resellers due to the fact that they enter and litter the clearance aisle and store workers have to tidy up after the resellers.

Do not be like that! Always tidy up after yourself and offer to assist in arranging inventory or tidying up an aisle, if you think there’s an opportunity. No matter if you make a profit from it or not It’s the best way to act in order to help others and not be damaging.

I hope these suggestions will make for an enjoyable and successful experience next time you’re out looking for RA sources in your FBA business.

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