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4 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs a Kava Drink

The college semester has started. It’s an exciting time. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or you already have some credit hours under your belt, it’s good to be back. There are new people to meet, new events to hit up, and new essays to write at the last minute. It’s sure to be full of new experiences. Here’s another potentially new experience for you: kava. If you’ve never heard of kava or haven’t tried it, you’re probably going to want to track some down. A kava drink might just be the perfect college beverage. That’s a bold statement, for sure. But kava does what a lot of other drinks don’t. So, skip those sugary energy drinks with artificial ingredients, say goodbye to too much coffee, and even kick the alcoholic drinks to the curb. Here’s why every college student needs a kava drink in their lives.

Find Your Focus on Tired Mornings and Late Nights

Sometimes, sleep and college don’t quite mix. Or, at least, it can feel that way. Maybe you’re a full-time student. Or you’re a part-time student with a job. You’re constantly juggling classes with everything else going on in your life. It can be hard to find focus and stay focused when you need to study or write a five-page paper due first thing tomorrow morning. A kava drink can help you find focus. Kava is known to boost your focus and productivity so you can get things done on those tired mornings, late nights, and any time in between.

Find a Boost When You Need It

There are times when everyone just needs a boost. You might be able to trace it back to those sleepy mornings and late nights. When you need a little extra something to get your day started (or to power through the evening), once again, a kava drink can help. In the same way it can help you find your focus when you need to stay productive, it can help you find a little vitality boost. You can drink it in place of an energy drink or coffee. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about those caffeine jitters or a sugar crash later.

Add a New Dimension to Sports and Activity

Many college athletic programs around the country have adopted kava as a way to add a new dimension to their sports. And there’s a good reason why. Kava can help athletes focus, and it also helps during recovery. Whether you’re on a sports team or you just like to hit the gym, take a kava drink along. After a workout, kava can help you ease into recovery mode. After an intense workout session, run, swim, or any activity, enjoying a kava drink can help you feel more relaxed. As you feel more relaxed overall, you may notice that your muscles feel more relaxed, too. After all, recovery is a crucial part of any activity.

Skip the Alcohol and Grab a Kava Drink

A lot of college students are doing things differently going into this new semester. If you’re over 21, you don’t have to hit the hard drinks and party all night—two college staples. You can take a different approach. Maybe you want drinks made with cleaner, natural ingredients. It doesn’t get much more natural than kava, which is made from the root of the kava plant. Drinking kava has a few similarities to alcohol, too. It leaves you with a blissful, joyous feeling. It can even help you open up in social situations. This makes kava an effective alcohol alternative. And here’s an added bonus: no hangover in the morning! Kava is safe, effective, and helps you feel good. For every college student, it doesn’t get much better than that.

About Botanic Tonics

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