4 Must-Have Hand Trucks for Appliance Delivery Drivers

The work of professional delivery drivers is demanding. That is especially true with appliance delivery, as every load is likely heavy, bulky, or both in many cases. The delivery process itself is undoubtedly challenging. However, those challenges begin before any driving takes place. For instance, repeatedly moving appliances around the warehouse and loading them onto the delivery truck can be taxing. Plus, not having the suitable material handling equipment can significantly increase injury risk. For those reasons, every appliance delivery driver should have access to the right high-quality hand trucks and other material handling solutions. Here are a few to consider.

Move More with Convertible Hand Trucks

The convertible hand truck is among the most versatile pieces of material handling equipment. Although they might not be best for moving heavy appliances, they excel at moving boxes of parts and other items. Workers can operate convertible hand trucks in two different configurations. Essentially, workers can use this hand cart in both a traditional vertical orientation along with a horizontal, four-wheel mode. The horizontal orientation provides more platform space, making it easier to move a wider variety of items. Plus, the horizontal configuration can stably support heavier loads, up to 1,000 pounds. If your team moves a variety of items, you should have at least one convertible hand truck on hand.

Build an Appliance Dolly Fleet

Of course, the high-quality appliance dolly fleet is a cornerstone of the appliance delivery industry. The appliance dolly, also known as an appliance hand truck or heavy duty hand truck, is built to safely and effectively move large, heavy items like fridges, ovens, washers, and other appliances. In addition to being made for bulkier, heavier items, the appliance dolly is also equipped with a ratchet strap to secure the load. The best ones also feature a fourth wheel attachment for even better stability. A break-back bar can also prove useful, helping workers save effort and energy. The break back bar effectively prevents the appliance dolly from rolling when breaking back. If your crew still relies on team lifts or you want to improve efficiency, a reliable appliance dolly is a must.

Invest in Top-Quality Hand Trucks

While there are plenty of hand cart options out there, some are better than others. If you value time and cost savings, it’s worth investing in name-brand hand trucks. For one, name-brand material handling equipment simply makes delivery work safer and more efficient. Name-brand equipment can actually be more cost-effective than off-brand models too. That’s because the best name-brand options are modular, making it easy to find replacement parts. Finally, the highest-quality name-brand material handling equipment can be customized. You can mix and match different parts and features to best suit your appliance delivery company’s needs.

Motorized Hand Trucks for the Warehouse

Having the right dollies in the delivery truck is crucial. However, having the right material handling equipment in your warehouse or retail location is also a must. A heavy-duty option is the best bet for more challenging delivery work, like appliances and furniture. However, even with a heavy duty dolly, repeatedly moving heavy, bulky loads is tiring and challenging. A motorized hand truck can move up to 1,000 pounds across almost any terrain with minimal effort. In other words, upgrading to a motorized hand truck in the warehouse can significantly streamline your operations.

About Magline

The Magliner brand has represented dependable in the material handling industry for 75 years. It is a brand name that also represents an unrivaled standard of durability and reliability. Material handlers across industries rely on Magliner hand trucks daily for industry-leading performance. The classic Magliner hand truck is the flagship of the Magliner lineup and offers a wealth of customization options through the Design Your Own Magliner program. You can also pick up a variety of other Magliner products, including a powered hand truck, appliance hand truck, and other material handling tools to support your employees. When your employees need to lift, move, or deliver items, trust Magliner tools to help them do the job safely and efficiently.

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