3 Important Things to Consider in LED High Mast Lights

What is High Mast Lighting, and How Does It Work?

High mast lighting is high-powered lights mounted on tall poles. These high mast poles can usually accommodate anywhere from 4 to 16 lights depending on your needs and the poles used. These are generally powerful lights with wide and wide beam angles. The light they cast can cover a very wide area.

LED high mast light fixtures are made for large areas or spaces and have many great benefits. How do they produce and distribute light that requires more light? However, not all LED lighting is created equal. Thus, not every LED manufacturer is a supplier. We’ve heard a lot about LED lighting, and we think it’s important for you to know about the benefits of LEDs. So let us tell you about some great advantages of LED High Mast Light.

High Mast Lighting Things to Consider

What they say: “Convert your existing fixtures to LED and save money without the maximum cost.”

1. What to Consider

Converting or retrofitting existing fixtures to LED lighting is used as an option and, in many cases, makes sense. What do you think about when it comes to high mast lighting in its existing structure? The light pool and dimming/enhancing mechanism. A 10-year warranty on your new lights doesn’t mean the poles have been compromised or your fixtures are stuck at the top. If you need to budget for another lighting project before seeing ROI, those initial savings will look very different.

If the current high mast pole is in excellent condition, you should consider the eventual maintenance costs. With an average lifespan of 100,000+ hours, LEDs can outlast high-pressure sodium. If your led high-mast lighting fixture is 50-100 feet in the air or in a location that cannot be reached by service equipment, such as a rail yard, highway, or port, then workers Install poles with lowering/raising mechanisms. It will reduce both the time and money spent servicing your lights.

They say, “By switching to LED, you will achieve comparable performance while cutting your luminaire quantity in half.”

2. What to Consider

What must consider those pesky poles and raising/lowering mechanisms again regarding high mast lighting? There may not be a lot of flexibility in where your lights are placed (i.e., rail yard or port) if you’re not planning on replacing them, or the existing layout of your property prevents a lot of flexibility. You can also avoid the negative effects of an imbalanced light structure with a lowering/raising mechanism. Therefore, if you reduce the number of fixtures on an existing mechanism, you must ensure that the fixtures are properly balanced and mounted. 

The fixtures will likely become stuck at the top of the pole otherwise. 9005 headlight bulb has many advantages, but reducing fixtures isn’t enough. Get your lighting provider to create a photometric layout for your site that displays foot-candle levels based on mounting heights and fixture spacing.

They say, “A simple survey of your site is enough to provide a quote.”

Don’t just look at your lowest price. Does the proposal include the cost of a structural engineer? Does it have a photometric layout, design flexibility, and dimensional drawings? It doesn’t matter the size of your space, the number of fixtures or poles, accessibility, or anything else – transparency is key, and you must work with an LED lighting supplier. That will work by showing you all the options. Please work with them to solve all these problems because it will be very meaningful for your project and organization.

Final Thoughts

ont-weight: 400;”>High mast lighting is a site light fixture commonly used to illuminate big areas from a tall mounting height for storage, transportation, pedestrian use, and safety purposes. High mast fixtures are mounted on poles 40 feet to 150 feet high, with four to 16 fixtures per pole, and High mast lighting gives many Benefits at night.

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