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10 Factors to consider while building an android app for Healthcare Industry

What’s the most practical usage of smartphones?

To be able to watch your favorite show, give words to your thoughts, tweet your random thoughts on Twitter, and so much more. You can also check your step counts walked per day, your pulse rate, and the total calories eaten as well. Keeping an activity to check on your health with the help of mobile phones is known as mHealth.

With the help of android developers, mobile health and fitness are easily accessible, and more than 350,000 mHealth apps are available at the Play stores. These numbers have doubled since 2014, as per the adoption of the digital health market, smartphone adoption, and monitoring apps.

The main motive of mHealth apps is to help people from non-medical backgrounds. Let’s read the blog and get an idea of what are the things that are considered while making a mHealth app from scratch.

What is mHealth?

It stands for Mobile Health. With the help of mHealth, you can quickly check on your health using technologies.

So, one can say that mobile phones and other communication devices have helped in assisting people with their health; mhealth has also been effective in tracking the epidemic and diseases related to chronic treatment support.

Now when one looks at the areas where the use of mobile is growing day by day, it is becoming easy to use mHealth. Because it provides people with a lot of access to health management, the use of mHealth is increasing in developing countries.

10 Factors which can be used When Developing a Healthcare Mobile App

Here are some of the factors which can help in android App development to develop a healthcare mobile App.

1) Hardware

The use of hardware is significant in terms of creating an app, and the developer will require a kind of platform where not only a mobile phone or a tablet will oblige but also a computer.

When a person uses an app on a phone or a tablet, there are a lot of differences. In terms of Android, the user depends on the length of the information. In the case of apps based on an enterprise solution, they work better on tablets and their functional ability is more than on Android phones.

2) Data Security

Any app developer needs to secure its data, and that is why these days, they have become very aware of how to store data in a place where it is safe. Of course, most of the users store it on the app server. But still, the server is not secure because sometimes the data can get exploited.

There is a solution where a person can send the data over various types of channels which will help secure the data, especially regarding healthcare Apps.

3) Interface

This is the most important factor when someone desires to build an app. In this case, a person has to get involved with the clinical management system handled by the hospital staff. It also includes medical software. But still, some hospitals are using traditional hosting only because they don’t want cloud hosting.

4) API Components

APIs are critical when a developer has to process any kind of information. So for this, a person has to include the components of APIs in the system. But sometimes, working on the current API becomes complex, so a person has to ask other vendors. It is also very important to get access to the patient’s repository.

5) Security

It is believed that Android apps are not as secure as compared to iOS apps. This is also a reason that there are people who avoid developing apps where security matters.

But when one looks at the market, one can see that the majority of the mobile market is filled with Android phones, so now what the companies are focusing on is the loopholes that are left by Android. For example, Samsung has allowed people to have privacy in their activities which is a good step.

6) Testing

A person should never forget to test the app before it gets launched. A person can even hire Android developers if they want the app to work according to what they expect.

7) Design

It gives people a feeling about how the app will be, so it is vital to design it with good templates and tools. In this case, a person can hire an Android developer who will further counsel how an app can be built-up and will be liked by the crowd.

8) Localization

This factor is also very important when one has to be updated about geo-fencing and geographical area. When it is a healthcare app, then every second is very significant. So one can conclude that localization is also very valuable.

9) Efficiency

The infrastructure has to be very important in terms of the battery also. The notifications should be on time. The more the app works fine without disturbance, the more people would like to download it and keep it on their phones.

10) Readability

A person must remember that the data should be straightforward to read for the people. Science is a complex subject only when the words used are different to comprehend, but if the data in the healthcare app is easy to read, people can simply understand things. Also, when it comes to a person’s sugar level, they should be given the same on how to check it.


So from the above factors, one can conclude that if all these things are present in an app, then it is effortless to grow a healthcare app that will be very effective for people who are using Android phones. Hire android developers to build a great app.


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