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Where To Buy Kid Double Decker Bed?

Are you looking for a ‘large kid’ bed? These double decker bed and loft beds for kids might be exactly the thing to make your kids enthusiastic about going to bed!


These bunk beds can get your kids excited for bedtime. With slides, built-in storage, a den, and a rock-climbing wall, it may be hard to pull your child out of bed.Bunk beds and loft beds are excellent choices for children who share a room with siblings. A high loft bed with a built-in study table can be just what you’re searching for if you want to maximise the space in your child’s room. Here are some of our favourite places in Malaysia to find a double decker bed.


1. Kids’ Haven: Sliding bunk beds and convertible bunk beds


Are you looking for a convertible bunk bed? Or how about a slide-out double decker bed? You’re in good hands with Kids Haven! Kids Haven creates wonderfully crafted items that focus on safety, utility, and design. The Maxtrix High Bunk with Slide Platform, as well as the ModBed Floor Bunk Bed with its modular bed system, are two of our favourites.


This bunk bed can be a high bunk, a loft bed, or two low beds for tiny children. It also includes removable bed protectors.


There’s also the option of adding a roof to make the bunk bed look cosier! If you’re worried about your child’s safety, be assured that the double decker bed ladder has handles and anti-slip grooved steps to keep your small ones secure. The Malaysia single and super single sizes of this bunk bed are both available.


2. Piccolo House: Bunk beds with a double bed and storage built in


Piccolo House is a family-owned and operated children’s lifestyle store that specialises in well-designed furnishings. This is the place to go if you’re seeking for stylish items like bunk beds and loft beds, as well as study desks and bookshelves.


Bunk beds with built-in storage include the Natty Maxi Bunk Bed. This particular set is available in three colours and includes a double bed on the bottom bunk, making it ideal for sleepovers, siblings, and even grandparents! A stairway leads to the top bunk, which features built-in storage for all of your child’s toys and games. Piccolo House also has an awesome Tree House Bunk Bed that is absolute bed goals!


3. IKEA: Low-cost bunk beds, loft beds, and reversible beds are available at IKEA.


IKEA is a must-have on any list of bunk beds in Malaysia! Simple, inexpensive, and dependable furniture can be found at this Swedish business. The efficient TUFFING bunk bed costs $219, while the VITVAL Kids Bunk Bed maximises space in a tiny room.


The extra trundle bed at the bottom of this triple decker bed can be conveniently put away when not in use. This triple bunk bed is a bargain for only $419! The KURA reversible loft bed (shown) is a fantastic loft bed for kids since it can be adjusted to two different heights depending on your child’s needs.


For younger children, the lower floor level version may make it easier to climb in and out of bed. As they get older, switch the loft bed to the higher bed setting to create a den or reading nook underneath.


4. Kuhl Home: Bunk beds, loft beds, and double-decker beds


Do you want to create a mini-den in your home? Kuhl Home has a wide range of fascinating bunk and loft bed designs, with some even resembling a den! Bunk beds with slides and loft beds with roofs can satisfy any child’s needs.


The Play Tower is a one-of-a-kind double decker bed with a play room on the top bunk and a bed on the bottom bunk. The Hideout Loft and Bunk Bed is designed to look like a tree house. This set comes with additional storage in the steps going up to the top bunk and may be ordered as a loft bed or a bunk bed!


5. Flexa: ‘Growing’ bunk beds, loft beds with storage


Do you want a bed that will grow with your child? Go to Flexa if you want to do just that! Flexa offers loft beds that may be adjusted effortlessly. By simply swapping out the bed’s legs, their Classic Mid-High Bed with Ladder and Slide can be changed into a high loft bed or a low bed. You can even replace the slide with a full railing if your youngster no longer desires it. Flexa also offers a selection of bunk beds that are basic and appealing to the eye; we particularly like the Classic Bunk Bed with Pull-Out Drawers, which allows children to conveniently access objects kept in the drawers. The anti-slip st犀利士
eps on the ladders can be installed on either side of the bunk bed.


6. Manis-h: Add-ons and slides for double-decker beds


Manis-h has double-decker beds with a simple construction mechanism that can be rebuilt as your child develops. Simply purchase the necessary add-ons and you’re ready to start! Manis-h offers custom lengths and colours so bunk beds and loft beds fit your space. The Kids Semi Loft Bed with Slide has a slide and more room for play. Your child’s loft bed can be customised with add-ons like a rock climbing wall.


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