what is the Heaven haze e liquid?


A UK-made range of e-liquids called Heaven Haze contains Malaysian components. These liquids are incredibly flavorful, with combinations that are reminiscent of desserts all throughout. These flavours were influenced by a well-known ice cream Heaven haze e-liquid manufacturer.


A UK-produced range of e-liquids called Heaven Haze contains ingredients from Malaysia. These liquids are literally brimming with flavour and have dessert-style mixes all throughout. These flavours were influenced by a well-known ice cream manufacturer.

Heaven Haze E Liquid 120ml Shortfill:

Banana Split, Berry Double Dip, Blueberry Crumble, Caramel Sweet Cream, Cherry Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cookie Butter, New York Strawberry Cheesecake, Pineapple Pinacolada, Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, Raspberry Cheesecake, Rocky Road Nutty Chocolate, Strawnana, Vanilla Mint Cookie Dough, and Yogurt Lemon Raspberry are just a few of the desserts available.

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Heaven Haze Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge E-Liquid

– Ben A. I didn’t realise that the term “Icecream” really denotes a flavour that I don’t particularly like: it’s icy and almost minty. The chocolate is obviously present, but the peanut butter is barely detectable. Overall, this is pretty good content.

You can’t really taste the peanut butter side, but it has a lovely chocolate brownie flavour, claims Sascha F.

Rory M. The speaker said, “You get what you paid for here, extremely buttery, very chocolaty, good pricing.”

Heaven Haze Cookie Butter E-Liquid

According to Richard M. as “a new favourite and have bought again,” “a really beautiful, kind of creamy, sweet cookie dollop of paradise,” and more!

Highly suggested. Amazing flavour, and is my new go-to for everyday use.

I was impressed with this drink, Viktoria H. said. Good one.

Heaven Haze’s Icy Grape Blackcurrant Ice Cream E-Liquid, 100ml:

Icy Grape Blackcurrant Ice Cream E-Liquid by Heaven Haze (Malaysian manufactured E-Liquids) combines the flavours of grape and blackcurrant with exquisitely smooth ice cream. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking a fruity ice cream flavour.

With this short-fill e-liquid, you may create 120ML/3MG of nicotine shots for free.

One 120ml bottle with 100ml of e-liquid is available (Zero Nicotine)

Please Note: To make this e-liquid about 3mg nicotine strength and to make the liquid 120ml, add 2 x Nicotine Booster (18mg).

VG to PG Ratio

VG 70% / PG 30%


You may choose from a wide range of tastes, including cheesecake, chocolate, cocktails, and many more. The 120ml bottle of Heaven Haze e-liquid is available. based on a well-known ice cream brand from Malaysia. Ice cream knowledge is Heaven Haze’s forte. Find the entire Heaven Haze line right now and choose your favourite among these unusual drinks.

Heaven Haze Aloha Mix 100ml:

Aloha Heaven Haze e-liquid Mix. You’ll be able to taste the taste of a pia colada in this e-liquid! Fresh pineapple ice cream is combined with cocoa to create a delicious flavour. A premium line of e-liquids called Heaven Haze is based on the well-known ice cream brand.

Comprar 100ml Heaven Haze:

The relentless assault known as Heaven Haze comes straight from Malaysia. Discover a selection of Haagen Dazs-flavored vape liquids with flavours including banana split, after eight, and cheesecake. You won’t be able to choose which is your favourite! Discover all of Heaven Haze’s varieties today and choose your favourite among these unique liquids!

A 100ML shortfall of Heaven Haze Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream contains 0 mg.

Hell Haze

Heaven Haze’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream combines all the delectable tastes of the iconic peanut butter chocolate cups with ice cream.

The 100ml vape juice Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream by Heaven Haze has no nicotine. If necessary, nicotine can be added to the container.

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