Types of Retractable Coil Tubing

There are two types of retractable coil tubing: Fluoropolymer and Polyurethane. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Here’s how to choose the best retractable coil tubing for your application. The diameter of the coil is another important consideration. Generally, the smaller the diameter, the more retractable it is. Generally, polyurethane and nylon allow for working lengths of up to 90% of the total tubing length.

Fluoropolymer coiled tubing

ZEUS(r) is a manufacturer of fluoropolymer coiled tubING. Fluoropolymers have excellent innate strength, making them ideal for high-pressure applications. The zeus formula calculates the maximum burst pressure of the tubing based on its ID and OD dimensions in inches and tensile strength at yield in pounds per square inch.

Compared to coiled steel, fluoropolymer tubing is flexible and heat resistant. It is inert to solvents and alkali metals, which make it the ideal choice for use in harsh environments. Fluoropolymer tubing is also low-maintenance, operating in temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, fluoropolymer tubing is available in a wide variety of ID and length configurations, including retractable coiled tubing and PFA compression fittings.

Another major benefit of fluoropolymer is its low coefficient of friction. The low coefficient of friction allows for faster flow rates and greater safety. This is because the material is easily cleaned. PTFE, for example, has a coefficient of friction equal to that of ice on ice. In spite of high loads, PTFE remains stable. The low coefficient of friction is the result of a chemical gradient that reduces interfacial forces and deformities.

Zeus(r) offers fluoropolymer coiled tubiing for different applications. The company also provides custom sizes and coils for its customers. They also offer USP Class VI certified tubing.

Fluoropolymer coiled tubes are custom-designed and manufactured to meet specific customer specifications. The company provides AMS-T testing data every year, and is also able to provide lot-to-lot testing. ZEUS(r) is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered extrusions. These custom products are suitable for all types of applications. Its versatility makes it ideal for medical applications.

Flow chemistry applications are another common use for fluoropolymer tubes. Their chemical inertness makes them suitable for many reactions. They are inert to most solvents, but their low Reynolds number limits their mixing capabilities. The low Reynolds number limits the mixing capacity of a reagent in a straight tube. The reaction mixtures are dispersed, and static mixers create cross-streamwise mixing in large tubes.

The etching process involves a chemical reaction in which a sodium solution reacts with fluorine molecules on the surface of the tubing. This stripping away of the fluorine molecules leaves the carbon atoms with a deficiency of electrons. The oxygen, water vapor, and hydrogen molecules restore the electrons.

Coils may be up to 3/4″ OD or as long as 24″ OD. Special lengths are available upon request.  The company can also provide a PFA formula.

Polyurethane coiled tubing

There are two basic types of coiled tubing available – ether and ester-based. Both are based on the same basic ingredients – polyol alcohol and isocyanate. The difference lies in the chemistry of the ether-based polyol; the ester-based type is less expensive. Fre-Thane(r) is a popular brand name of polyurethane.

Coiled tubing is versatile and convenient for many different applications. Its retractable, self-storing nature has made it a preferred material for medical tubing. Its outstanding memory and resistance to abrasion and overstretching make it ideal for many medical applications. Polyurethane coiled tubing is a great choice for retractable tubing in medical applications. RPC polyurethane coils are easy to install and remove. Polyurethane tubing has an incredible tensile strength of 140 psi.

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