Things to Remember When Designing and Printing a Business Card

A well-designed, and high-quality business card makes you look professional, stand out from small businesses, and build trust in customers. First know the purpose of your card and plan, design and print business cards that bring in more leads for the business.

Considering how portable and affordable, a top-notch business card design and print evoke respect for the business and the person. Unfortunately, poorly designed or low-quality material business cards are easy to dismiss, and people will immediately lose interest in your business.

Partner with a reliable business card printing company like Implant to produce high-quality business card printing in Melbourne. It provokes an excellent first impression on potential clients with quality materials, mesmerizing designs, affordable color printers with fast turnarounds, and no minimums.

A smooth and elegant design will allow you to purchase in bulk, eventually reducing your unit price. we will discuss business card designs so you can tell the designers about a specific type of business card design and print option for your personal use or business.

Consider These Things Before you Design and Print Your Desired Business Cards

Plan Your Designing Aspect

Before you plan to make business cards for giving away to potential customers, it’s vital to know several industry standards for a specific business. So don’t stop yourselves from thinking outside the box to stand out from the competitors and attract eyeballs.

One of the best methods you can employ is to look out for the designs of leading industries. Learn their business card design and print with the type of fonts used, logos, material type, slogans, and finishes. Therefore, find your best niche that suits your service or product and be consistent among all industry-leading organizations.

However, make sure your unique designs include full name, position, phone, office address, postal code, email address, web address, and social media accounts logo. You also can add a map or QR code to scan. This information is vital for creating a reliable connection with potential clients and customers.

Watch the Bleed Area

Ensure to keep in mind that your business card is filled with artwork and leave at least 3 mm at the bleed area for printing and cutting purposes. But it is recommended to have a sleek design. Give more attention to structuring and placing the information with suitable fonts.

Therefore, be artistic and unique with the design if you have a great-looking logo or slogan. Most of the leading companies’ business cards don’t have more designs. In short, avoid adding more content close to the bleed area.

Business Card Printing Melbourne


Choose the Right Type of Material

Use thicker materials for business card printing if your service is a technology or engineering-based industry. Get high-quality business card printing using thicker materials for better colors and long-lasting impressions.

Contact Imlpant, an reliable business card printing in Melbourne that uses high-quality print materials for business card printing. Lets you choose various template designs and weight cards that will separate you from the competitors with the physical trait.

Ensure you Use Both Sides of the Business Card

Many businesses use the back side of the business card. Make sure you add other valuable information such as QR codes or maps of your shop or office or a slogan to stand out.

Adding valuable information on the back side of the business card will maximize the design’s potential by adding a similar color palette. Do not back yourself to add something that will entice them to hold on to it for reference.

Create a Better Impression With Special Finish

Particular printers suggest special finishes that can go a long way in making a better and long-lasting impression. See if any of these “special effects” can help your business card design and print strategy.

Do not fall for the common pitfalls of having a gloss finish, be unique and experiment with dark-colored matte to see if the texture and multi-colored fonts or tones will have lasting impressions. Before you laminate, try to add foil or fold blocking for an effect that helps customers to remember.

Finalize Your Business Card Design With Embossing

With all the details in your ideal color choices and unique finishes, you can reconsider your design to ensure everything works. If you choose a thicker card, you may benefit from embossing your text for added effect, although you can consider other effects such as Letter pressing, Foil stamping, and Spot UV coating.

We recommend for a professional business card printing technique that lends a bit of style to any high-quality business card. However, the texture gives a unique feel to clients or customers while running a finger over the card, and they don’t mind calling you back.

Don’t think of business cards as an investment in the business. Think of a way of extension of the cardholder’s personality. The implant is a professional in business card printing in Melbourne that adds value for your business.

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