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Need a Blood Test Here a List of the Different Types

blood tests

Need a Blood Test? Here’s a List of the Different Types

A simple blood test can tell you a lot about your health. Most people undergo blood tests when they go to their doctor, but they don’t know that there are several different types of blood tests available. Each one reveals specific information about the patient’s body.

The most common types of blood tests include those that look at cholesterol levels, hematocrit, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function, and the red blood cell count.

Determining if you need blood tests

Do you need blood at Essa Lab Lahore? There are many different types of blood tests, but knowing which one to get and from you should be getting it can help guide your health care. Let’s look at five common types of blood tests and how they can benefit you.

Red blood cell (RBC) test

The red blood cell test measures hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. Red blood cells carry oxygen through your body. If they’re abnormal, it could mean anemia or another serious problem.

You can find many local labs that offer online RBC tests in Pakistan. Chughtai Lab is one such lab offering online lab tests in Pakistan without any hassle to residents of Lahore and other cities across Pakistan.

White blood cell (WBC) test

White blood cells (also called leukocytes) are produced in the bone marrow and circulate in our bloodstream. When foreign bodies, such as bacteria or viruses, enter our body, these WBCs rush to our defense and aid in fighting off infection. If a high amount of WBCs is find circulating in your bloodstream, it indicate that you have an infection somewhere.

Platelet count test

While platelets are essential to our survival, they also have a short lifespan and can’t live in our bodies for more than ten days. A platelet count test will determine if you have abnormally low levels, which may signify something dangerous such as liver disease or leukemia. Get your blood drawn at essa laboratory and determine if your platelet count is within normal range today!

Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) test

The HbA1c test shows how well your diabetes treatment is working overtime. The HbA1c test measures hemoglobin and compares it to a standard of healthy hemoglobin (HbA1c 6.5%), according to experts at Chughtai Lab. 日本藤素
Hemoglobin is an oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells that can be affect by glucose levels in your blood and other factors.

Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) test

The comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) test is an important blood test that measures all aspects of metabolism in your body. This includes blood sugar, kidney function, electrolyte levels and much more.

While you can go to just about any lab or hospital to get one done, Essa Lab Lahore offers CMP tests at very competitive prices that won’t break your budget. Our highly trained and experienced lab technicians will take care of your sample before sending it off for analysis.

Lipid Panel – Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and Triglycerides

Knowing your cholesterol level is an essential part of maintaining your health. The lipid panel measures these levels to help you identify areas that need improvement so your doctor can work with you to achieve and maintain optimal levels.

Chughtai Lab Report also offers Cholesterol Fasting, Total Cholesterol – Non-fasting, LDL – Non-fasting, HDL – Non-fasting, and Triglycerides – Non-fasting options.

Thyroid Panel – TSH and Free T3, Free T4

Thyroid problems are pretty standard, but they can be hard to diagnose because other conditions also cause weight gain, fatigue and poor sleep. If you suffer from thyroid problems, there are several ways to treat them, including alternative therapies and medications.

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