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FIND A GOOD DENTIST: I can speak freely on this subject having practiced my profession of dentistry for 40 years. Here is the advice that should help you make your choice. All the qualities recommended should be part of the ideal picture of a good dentist, but I recognize that sometimes, it is difficult for the profession to fill in all the boxes. How to choose best of the best dental services in Houston.


  1. The dentist’s prices must be displayed

Dental care is generally very expensive, how can you have an idea of ​​the price you will pay? You should know that the law obliges all dental surgeons to indicate in their waiting room at least ten of the most common prices.

If you do not see any price, you are entitled to ask for the price of the service envisaged, despite the fact that most treatments are covered at 75% by the CPAM and the rest by mutual insurance.

But there are many cases where there are excess fees corresponding to very specific treatments that are not listed by the Social Security nomenclature, this nomenclature is now obsolete.

But the public authorities have not decided to improve it so as not to see reimbursements soar by the cpam. They prefer that this be borne by households


  1. A dentist should not be reluctant to provide an estimate

It often happens that some patients complain that their dentist does not give them an estimate, do they have the right to do so?


Absolutely not. Each dentist must draw up an estimate for acts that are not reimbursed or partially reimbursed. If he does not give you an estimate, change your dentist. periodontal surgery, orthodontics, because these are the most expensive treatments. How to choose best of the best dental services


  1. Friendliness is important.

If you come across a badly licked bear, imbued with his person and his university titles, although he is good, it is better to change dentists because you will be stressed at each intervention and to take care of a stressed person, don’t bring good results.

Most people prefer to find kindness, friendliness, gentleness in a dentist because they find themselves in an unknown room with imposing equipment, and entering the patient’s mouth can be felt as intimate aggression. It is for this reason that the patient must be reassured and put in confidence.


  1. What should make you turn your heels

What are the signs that should alert us?

 Any sign of questionable hygiene: gloves that are not new, a waiting room that is not maintained…

A practitioner who makes appointments every quarter of an hour: this means that he does not take, or very little, time with his patients, this is not a good sign.

A practitioner who makes you numerous proposals for prostheses when everything was going well until then: in this case, ask for the opinion of another practitioner instead

A firm that does not display its prices or refuses to give you an estimate: the invoice may be high!

  1. Rely on word of mouth

Word of mouth is a common way to find a dentist, but is it a reliable way?

Word of mouth is a good way to find a good dentist, but it remains subjective. Each patient has his own experience and his own judgment in relation to his past experiences. In fact, his appreciation may not be shared by another patient.

But in general, word of mouth is a sure way to find a good dentist, one will tell you, he does not hurt, he is infinitely patient with children, he always performs anesthesia before treatment. , he always worries if you feel any pain etc.


Ask around for advice! If your relatives and acquaintances can refer you to a good dentist, it may also be relevant to seek the advice of a general practitioner or your pharmacist who can certainly refer you to a good practitioner near you.

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