How Data Parsing From Incoming Emails Extension Can Raise Your Business?

The Data Parsing From Incoming Emails is an automated emails parsing extension. This add-on check out your emails without your availability. As this extension works automatically. So, you don’t need to hassle  anymore for checking the emails. Additionally no need to be available all the time to respond to your customers in a quick well manner. This add-on let you get some time to spend on others’ hypercritical tasks of your business. Which can raise your business at high. Are you wandering to know more about this extremely helpful extension? Let’s take a jump down.


Define Email extract extension

The role it will play for your business is fetching every info from the email body and creating records in your CRM software automatically. It doesn’t need any manual effort from your team. 

Suppose you get a hundred plus emails from one of your Real estate businesses. Your sales team manually copies all business data and updates info in the CRM module. This can increase the chance of human error and can make it an uninteresting work. It’s not a cake-walk task of handling a bunch of emails faster. 

The solution would be putting your investment on a great addon such as Email to Lead. Because it automatically fetches data and updates records promptly, it raises your productivity. 

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How does it work? Understand this below

First off, this plugin works on a scheduler-based service that will complete this whole operation fastly. When any of your recipients share an email of any purpose, the plugin fetches the entire details of the recipient from email address to body and follows the right fetching rules configured mapper. 

When it fetches the info, the next task is to share it with the targeted module and check whether it’s a duplicate email or not. If a product finds it duplicate then it will update the info in the existing record. But the email will be attached to the CRM history. 


What is a Duplicate email check here?

The product will not create a record twice of the same person if the extension sees the same email address and subject line again. 

Suppose one of your CRM product customers is sharing an email related to product problems. When the customer shoots an email for the second time with the same email address and subject line, the product will find its duplicate. 

Rather than creating a new record, it will update everything in the existing one to stop confusion. The product will scan the entire database first. 


Module to choose for creating Records

Only to choose the leads module for making and updating records of customers? No restriction here! You are free to choose any module for record creation purposes. The addon supports it all.

Ultimately, it is providing the functionality of a field mapper. It is very important to make use of this feature. By setting a field mapper, your CRM will make records with the right field value. 


Recently updated feature! Authorized domain module 

Set the right domain to receive an email and to create records. When you get an email from a different domain, the extension will skip those and no record will be created. 

Suppose a company has more than 5 domains but your team wants to create records only from the important domains. Set it first and the plugin will create a record only if it receives an email from that domain. Here, data parsing from incoming emails will not be so challenging at all.

Anil Maurya

I am Anil Kumar working at Outright CRM. With OutRight CRM you can collect more leads and enhance their experience as well. This CRM has an in-built tool like email to lead or anything that can generate leads from emails, webforms, etc. Automation is the centerpiece of CRM because you can automate the way you engage with your customers through Drip SMS and Auto dialer. You can also integrate other business applications like Mailchimp, DocuSign, Google Calendar, etc to make sure customers’ data remains centralized.

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