Application can DO meter do in aquaculture

Oxygen is the basic condition for human survival, and aquatic animals also need oxygen to maintain life in water. In the field of aquaculture, oxygen in water is also known as dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen is one of the essential elements of aquaculture. When dissolved oxygen is sufficient in water, organic matter is decomposed at a faster speed under the action of aerobic bacteria, and the decomposed products are CO2, N03-, PO43-, H02 and other substances harmless to aquaculture.

When dissolved oxygen in water is insufficient, bacterial reproduction in water layer is dominant, and decomposition products are mostly substances toxic to animals in water, such as H2S, NH3, CH4, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water to inhibit the chemical reaction of toxic substances. And only sufficient water dissolved oxygen can ensure the normal growth of aquaculture fish, shrimp and so on.

what can DO meter do?

In the process of breeding, due to climate change or deterioration of water quality, the dissolved oxygen in the water is low. And at this time, it is necessary to replenish oxygen. In the past, farming was all about experience. The staff need to patrol the pond three times a day. When should increase the oxygen? More less? Can only “estimate”, if the adjustment is not accurate, it will affect the growth of animals in the water. Nowadays, the aquaculture industry is in the stage of transformation and upgrading, and the use of scientific and technological forces for intelligent aquaculture is becoming the mainstream trend.

The fluorescence method measurement principle can monitor the dissolved oxygen concentration signal of each breeding pond in real time, which is scientific and accurate, time-saving and labor-saving. It is convenient for the breeding personnel to know the pond situation in real time and take corresponding measures in time, so as to achieve the effect of intelligent breeding. It can be widely used in water treatment, aquaculture, biological reaction, environmental monitoring, laboratory, medical and many other fields.

Basic principle of fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor:
The sensor mainly uses the principle of fluorescence quenching. Blue light illuminates the fluorescent material to excite and emit red light. Since oxygen molecules can carry away energy (quenching effect), the time and intensity of the excited red light are inversely proportional to the concentration of oxygen molecules. The oxygen concentration can be calculated by measuring the phase difference between the excited red light and the reference light and comparing with the internal calibration value.

Comparative advantages of fluorescence DO meter:

1. do not consume oxygen

This equipment does not consume oxygen, no flow rate and agitation requirements, more to meet the demand for oxygen measurement.

2. high precision probe

The equipment has higher resolution and measurement accuracy, and the measurement is fast and sensitive.

3. wide voltage power supply

The equipment adopts wide voltage power supply, dc 10~30V, can adapt to a variety of DC power supply.

4. RS485 communication interface

The equipment adopts MODBUS RTU communication protocol, which can connect to the computer for monitoring and communication.

5. Temperature compensation

The device has built-in temperature transmitter with automatic temperature compensation function to reduce measurement error and increase accuracy.

6. high protective shell

The equipment has a high protection and corrosion resistant shell, waterproof grade up to IP68, stronger stability; The bottom is made of 316 stainless steel, resistant to salt-alkali corrosion for a long time.

7. Uploaded to our cloud platform

The device can upload to the free cloud platform through the environment monitoring host to realize remote monitoring, real-time data display, automatic alarm over the limit, historical data query, data export and other functions of mobile phones, computers and tablets.

Installation method of fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor:

The equipment adopts sinking installation method, that is, immersed below the liquid level fixed installation. During installation and use, avoid bumping or scraping the surface of fluorescent film head, and the part of fluorescent film head should avoid being attached by underwater sediment. So, remove the rubber sleeve when using. Equipment with NPT3/4 thread, can be used with our waterproof pipe.

Raise water first. The application of the fluorescence method of dissolved oxygen sensor can help the aquaculture personnel to scientifically “do well” dissolved oxygen, ensure a good water quality environment, do a good job in the important step of “raising water”, avoid the traditional empirical regulation of water quality, achieve the effect of efficient management, increase production and value-added, but also conform to the general trend of aquaculture wisdom transformation.


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