46 Free PPC Tools For Ad Management, Search, Display, And Remarketing

PPC might be difficult, but there are a lot of online tools you can use to make it simpler.

I’ve produced a list of the top 46 free PPC tools below if you’re on a tight budget and seeking for them.

There are commercial versions of some of these free PPC programs, but I’ve just included information on the free ones. All of the tools above are not used by Pepper “PPC Agency because we have our own custom-built tools. What follows, though, might be helpful for everyone else.

Google Ads Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool is the first reporting tool for PPC. You can see if a specific keyword is activating your advertisements or not using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in Google Ads. By audience, device, language, location, and segmentation.

Tools for PPC

2- Google Data Studio –

You can generate interactive reports using this free application, which can save you many hours each month.

You can try utilizing Super metrics to import data from other sources into Google Sheets. Then link your Google Sheets file to Google Data Studio. But that remedy isn’t cost-free.

3- Google Analytics Spreadsheet connector –

Try this Google Sheets add-on if you want to automate the extraction of Google Analytics data into Google Sheets but don’t want to pay for Super metrics.

 4 Google Keyword Planner –

The Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool for growing a keyword list and discovering new phrases to target. Even though the search volume data from this free PPC tool is occasionally significantly off. It also contains information on projected click prices for each term, volume data, and has options to build predictions for a campaign.

5- Google Trends –

Get an idea on the kind of volume for a given phrase over time. Uncover the top search terms connected to a keyword and get an idea on fresh searches related to your keywords.

6- Bing Keyword Planner –

While not as featureful as the Google Keyword Planner, the Bing keyword Planner tool can be utilized to obtain an idea of keyword volumes on the Bing search engine.

7- Word tracker –

This keyword research tool will reveal search volumes of similar terms, competition levels on PPC, as well as projected click costs required to compete in an auction.

8- Facebook Audience Insights–

This may be accessible in the Facebook Ads Manager under the ‘Plan’ subheading menu. It provides demographic and behavioral data on your audience and that of your competitors.

9- Bing Ads Intelligence –

A downloadable Excel plugin that may be utilized for keyword research purposes.

10- Merge Words –

A free PPC tool that allows you to construct keyword combinations by simply adding in each word into one of the three boxes. The Merge Words tool will do the rest.

11- Google Correlate —

Google Correlate shows trending data for phrase match keywords of what you search for.

12- Keywords Everywhere–

This program may be installed on either Google Chrome or on Firefox. It’s quite handy and shows relevant terms, average cost per click. And competitiveness levels of similar keywords when you search on Google.

13- PPC Keyword Wrapper for Google & Bing Ads–

If you’re seeking for a Google keyword wrapper or a Microsoft Advertising keyword wrapper, then this could be the option for you. This is a Google Chrome extension that will add the extra characters to generate exact match. Phrase match, and broad match modified keywords, once the user has filled in the keywords that they wish to target. It also includes an option to turn on all keywords to lowercase.

14– Google Ads Scripts–

I’ve placed this under the bidding area because it has been used to automate certain bidding decisions, but in truth, Google “PPC Agency Ads scripts is a very powerful tool.

15- Microsoft Advertising Scripts –

Similar to Google Ads scripts, Microsoft Advertising provides scripts to be built to automate certain functions. It is now in open beta and it will automatically convert Google Ads scripts to function. Also visit


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