Which MBA Majors Gives You the Most Money?

High-paying jobs in the business market require high-level education. People who choose MBA as their career field may likely have a high-paying job when they enter the industry. If you are a business professional and have a dream of earning a good amount then MBA is definitely for you. Moreover, consider earning an MBA degree with a focus on a particular field area. In this blog, we are going to discuss why you need to pursue an MBA degree, and further, we will provide you with the list of 10 highest-paying MBA majors.

What is an MBA? 

A master of business administration is a graduate degree that focuses on tangible business, leadership, and management skills that can apply to various fields. Generally, it takes one to two years to complete. Universities around the globe offer a wide range of MBA specialized programs. 

MBA provides the foundational knowledge of the business which can be applied to a variety of students with different interests. Generally, business principles have the quality of improving operations and leadership skills in organizations, thus, an MBA degree has a variety of applications. For instance, many people like to pursue finance and business administration while others like to pursue health care administration and information technology. 

Why do MBA? 

It’s important to know the importance of an MBA as it requires plenty of time, money for buying a Mba dissertation, or effort. Besides its fact, many business organizations require people with MBA qualifications. Below is the reason to consider earning an MBA degree.

  1. Provides a clearer path. 
  2. Provides applicable and tangible skills.
  3. Expand professional network. 
  4. It increases earning potential.
  5. Provides opportunities to explore business new sectors. 
  6. Helps in gaining advanced knowledge related to your field.

High paying MBA majors

Students who pursue MBA in a specialized topic probably have a high-paying job in the market as compared to others. Specialization in a particular field helps students to learn single specific field skills related to their career. Here’s a list of high-paying jobs in the business market including the dissertation writing service.

  • Business analytic 

MBA in business analytics focuses on developing the ability in the students to make business analytical skills decisions based on data. It teaches students how to interpret, collect and manage data to predict and make informed decisions for the future of the company. MBA students have the ability to infer and practice-informed decisions to prepare organizations for the future. Below are some career options that are combined with this degree including:

Management analyst: $85,547 per year 

Chief executive officer: $114,830 per year

Business analytic manager: $99,5711per year

  • Information technology

Master of business administration in information technology teaches students to learn the skills of combining management skills with wide industry knowledge. It enables students to learn how to combine the management of people with IT software management. The courses included in IT are telecommunications, data security, and project management. Below are some careers for people with an MBA in IT degree.

IT director: $112,450 per year

Senior project manager: $104,597 per year

Vice president of IT: $168,047 per year

  • Real estate 

The MBA degree in real estate prepares students to enter knowledge in finance, asset management, investment, and acquisitions as they specially belong to real estate. These subjects enable students to sell, buy and manage properties or lead the team in this related market (Covington , 2022).There are some of the career options for the people specific to this degree that includes:

Real estate agency: $92,557 per year

Real estate development manager: $68,965 per year

  • Economics 

Pursuing economics meant to develop a strong knowledge of theoretical concepts which can be applied to real-world businesses. The economic field is broad by means of having a variety of specific skills and courses that belong to the economics principles. Students who graduated with an MBA in economics have the knowledge of market trends, data analysis, stock market, or how to have an awareness of the public and private sector market, and the knowledge of how to conduct the research. This degree career options for the MBA economics people are:

Financial director: $97,224 per year

Financial manager: $96,417 per year 

  • Entrepreneurship or corporate strategy 

With the concepts of corporate strategy, students tend to learn how to start, lead businesses and manage through challenging circumstances. These students are savvy in making large-scale decisions for the prosperity of the organization through learning the tactics to update the current business practices or lead it towards a positive trajectoryLuckwaldt, 2020). Through learning the logic of the corporate strategy and entrepreneurship, and marketplace, MBA students may have the following careers such as:

Senior product manager: $130,344 per year

Management consultant: $79,142 per year

  • Finance

Students of MBA in finance pursue the classes to learn the focus on account and financial management, risk management, financial planning, and pricing. These subjects enable students to develop strong data analysis skills and strong leadership that help students to achieve specific financial-related goals and objectives. Whether they work within a corporate company or individual client, these graduates help to boost the financial health of the company through the preparations and management of the finances. Careers for these graduates include:

Chief financial officer: $128,137 per year 

 Senior financial analyst: $85,941 per year

  • Innovation management 

Innovation management MBA students are meant to learn how to identify the weaknesses and strengths of a business in order to create a new strategy for management and operations. These students learn the way of elaborating the complexity of the different sectors of the market so the new ideas can be implemented within the organization. Typically the coursework in innovation management combines the theoretical concepts with principles of business design in order to cater the creative and innovative thinking. Graduates in this degree have multiple career options such as:

Senior operation manager: $113,633 per year

Senior business consultant:  $86, 491 per


Earning an MBA degree is the most strong decision and investment you will ever make in your life. Besides helping you to expand your career opportunities it will also help you by preparing you for a high-paying job in a competitive job market. Hopefully, the above blog will help you in finding the right high-paying MBA career. 

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