What Can Your Child Learn Through Acting Class?

Words and expressions have a powerful impact on personality. Over the years, people have discovered enormous benefits of art in one’s life. Parents are concerned about behavioural changes they observe in their children. Bad behaviours have a story behind them. But there is always a way to improve a child’s behaviours and strengthen personality traits. 

Art classes like acting classes in Singapore have gained demand among people. Helen O’Grady Singapore is the world’s largest developmental program. It provides various forms of art classes taught by professional trainers, enabling children to unlock their potential. Their transformative acting classes are noteworthy. Here are a few exceptional benefits of acting classes for your child. 

Transformative Benefits of Acting Classes on Your Child

Learning drama might seem to be an extra-curricular activity. But when fully aware, we can make informed and beneficial decisions for our children’s better personality. Here is what your child will learn through acting classes in Singapore.

Overcome Nervousness

Does your child get shy in a gathering? Or hides in his room when someone comes to your house? It can be problematic for parents. Enrolling your adolescent in acting classes will help him overcome his Nervousness. It might be difficult for your kid, but eventually, he will learn to come out of his comfort zone. 

Helen O’ Grady Singapore provides a comforting environment with positive re-enforcement. We have helped hundreds of children become confident and overcome shyness. Seeing his fellows perform and participate in the acting class will encourage him to try something new. The trainer’s appreciation will also aid in boosting the motivation of your adolescent. 

Connect with People of Different Backgrounds

It is essential to provide a versatile environment to learn about people of different backgrounds. Through the power of expressions, your child will be able to connect with people of various backgrounds. He will develop empathy and strong social skills to communicate with his fellows. Acting on different scripts will enable him to understand different perspectives of life and people of different eras. He will develop an appreciation and value of art through time and historical perspectives. 

Better Observational Skills and Expressions

Acting consists of both verbal and non-verbal actions. The pitch of the tone, particular emphasis on a word, eye contact, and hand movements all combined to create an impressive performance. In learning these techniques, your child will become more observant and learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. He can connect and understand people outside the classroom as well. Your child will be able to identify hidden emotions and sense possible emotions behind a body gesture. 

Enhanced Public Speaking Skills

The one who can act well can speak well. Public speaking skill is one of the transformative attributes of a person. Through acting classes in Singapore, your kid will have the potential to become a public speaker. It will teach him life skills and build leadership qualities. He will be better at creating an impact and communicating efficiently in his daily routine. 

Boosts Imagination and Creativity

To act is to adopt a certain character and exhibit personality. Acting classes in Singapore will help your child boost his imaginative skills and creativity. It will help your adolescent build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will help him make informed life decisions. Imagination leads to creative ideas that can be transformative. 

Boosts Memory 

Every parent is concerned about the academic performance of their child. Acting classes are a fun way to enhance memory and academic performance. Acting requires memorization of dialogues. Anything that can is learned with a fresh mind will be remembered. A dedicated time towards acting class will enable his brain to work harder and improve memory skills. Parents have seen a noticeable improvement in studies among children who polished their drama skills. 

Confidence to Take Risks

One of the important life skills is the courage to take risks. Without taking risks, we will limit our growth in life. Through drama classes, your child will believe in his abilities and have the confidence to try something new. The fear of failure will not stop him from pushing his limits further. Your kid will develop a learning and a winning mindset. Even if he does not attain the desired result, he will still be positive about himself and learn from his experience.


Helen O’Grady Singapore has a history of building transformative life skills in its students. The impact of learning the art of drama can have irresistible benefits on your child. Enrolling in drama classes will help build a better future for your children. 

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