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What Are The Benefits Of IMechE Membership

Attaining IMechE membership is itself an achievement. It will make your way obstacle-free if you want to be a Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer or Engineering Technician.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Membership will help you connect to the world of mechanical engineering. Whether your target is professional registration, or you plan a different category of membership, the membership will benefit you. Apart from that, it will also be helpful for you if you are just interested in the field of engineering.

Now, you must be wondering how it can help you. So, the answer to your question lies in this blog below.

We have provided below the benefits of IMechE membership. So, read them to know how the membership can take your career to the next level.

Benefits of IMechE Membership: 

1. Professional Engineering:

 With the latest news and in-depth features, you can have updates about educational, technical, professional and political issues. Besides that, you can know how they affect engineering via IMechE print magazine, online news or mobile app.

 2. Updates of Newsletter:

You can sign up for email updates on the most recent engineering and institution news, member updates, training and volunteering opportunities. Apart from that, you can know about the policy and IMechE regional and industry updates.

3. Career Developer:

You can plan, review and record your CPD with IMechE online tool Career Developer. It will help you handle your professional development at any phase of your engineering career.

4. Library and Archive:

You can have access to more than 75,000 journals, textbooks, standards and report online having access to expert engineering databases. Besides that, you can also explore IMechE’s extensive Archive.

5. Webinars and Events:

Give your knowledge a boost regarding the latest engineering trends, reports and thought leadership. It is possible with IMechE’s global range of technical events and online webinars.

6. Engineering Challenges:

You can develop your professional skills and have inspiration by partaking in Formula Student, Home Automation Challenge and Design Challenge. Apart from that, you can also partake in Railway Challenge or the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge.

7. Off Training:

IMechE has more than 70 business and technical courses that engineers designed for engineers. They did it to give the knowledge and skills necessary to make the career of an engineer successful. It doesn’t matter what the level of an engineer is, as engineers of any stage can benefit from it.

8. Build Network:

Spend time with other engineers near you and craft your professional network with the support of IMechE.  Besides that, you can also find out about the seminars and events that are happening near you or join a local committee.

9. Give support to future Engineers:

Utilize your knowledge and passion to inspire the next generation of engineers by taking on one of IMechE’s many volunteering opportunities.

1o. Contribute to the development of professional engineers:

As a mentor or evaluator, you can utilize your experience to guide developing engineers through their professional life.

11. Engineering Awards:

IMechE works to inspire, motivate and celebrate engineers and technicians through its awards and scholarship. The organization does it for both members and non-members.

12. Support Network:

IMechE Support Network offers its global members practical advice and emotional and financial support.

13. Library and Member’s Hub:

If in London, you can use IMechE’s Library and Members’ Hub.

14. Exclusive Member Offers:

You can have support from and access to expert services to fulfill the require犀利士
ments of you and your business. It also includes legal and business advice, insurance, motoring and travel services.

Having told you about the IMechE benefits, we are now about to tell you the benefits of being an Associate Member:

4 Benefits of being IMechE membership as an Associate Member (AMIMechE): 

Career support: 

  • Start working towards being registered as a Chartered Engineer or Incorporated Engineer.
  • Show your professional status and ambitions.
  • Put the post-nominal AMIMechE after your name.

Record and build your competencies: 

Have access to a series of exclusive events to stay updated with the latest industry news and views.

Make your professional network: 

Make working relationships with other experts in your field.

Take part in meetings with professional engineers and even probable future employers.

Have access to IMechE’s learning resources: 

  • Enjoy discounts on training courses, seminars and conferences.
  • Get access to a global-level engineering library.
  • Read Member-only expert engineering features, news and expert comment by Professional Engineers
  • Have access to practical and financial support via IMechE’s benevolent fund.





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