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USA Dedicated Server: Most Out of Your Server with Onlive Server

USA Dedicated Server: Most Out of Your Server with Onlive Server

If you try to scale up with more resources to handle your growing traffic volume, shared hosting providers usually won’t allow you to do so without migrating to dedicated hosting or colocation. If you know what you’re doing, though. You can set up dedicated hosting yourself in under an hour and have complete control over your server environment.

Why should choose USA Dedicated Server

USA Dedicated server is a hosting service that runs within its own webspace, shared with no one else. In USA Dedicated server hosting you have total control over your environment; you have full rights to install and remove whatever you like. It’s simply about you using your server to your advantage. When using a USA Dedicated server, you will essentially become your own administrator. The type of USA Dedicated Hosting that we offer here at Dedicate is often called managed dedicated hosting because our team is always available should any help be required – but by managing your resources yourself. We give you complete freedom to do whatever you want.

Buy USA VPS with Instant Setup

USA Dedicated Hosting offers a wide variety of Linux VPS hosting packages with instant setup. If you are looking for the best VPS USA dedicated hosting services then they will be able to give you unlimited bandwidth and unmetered resources. You can create your very own Virtual Private Server on any one of their servers located in North America, it doesn’t matter if you opt for a Windows or Linux-based operating system, they’ll do all you need them to do. And don’t forget that if our terms are not enough for you.


We don’t feel it’s necessary to go into detail about it. Why security is important because most people can agree that having their website hacked and down for days is probably not a good thing. All in all, we have you covered with our host; your site will be protected. This way you can get back to what’s important—showing your visitors what makes your business different than everyone else. Our server includes multiple layers of protection against hackers including Anti-DDoS attacks & SQL injection prevention, strict firewalls, IP blocking, and more. All of these features come standard on every account so you never have to worry about them!


The main feature of our Dedicated Hosting is that it gives you control over your server. From being able to access remote terminals, to having complete command over processes. And applications, to running multiple operating systems on one machine, we’ve got you covered. Another great benefit is security. Our servers are behind a hardware firewall. This means no outside connection from other systems will be able to get in or initiate an attack.  With us, there are no hidden fees whatsoever.

The higher your bandwidth allowance, the more data you can download. The average monthly internet usage is around 500-700 MB, but some will use up to 1GB per month. If you do not need that much space, you can go with a lower allotment. There are still many out there who like to save their files on a hard drive or memory stick (and should we say USB drives) rather than store them online for convenience’s sake.


Dedicated Servers are commonly referred to as a dedicated hosting services. However, from a technical standpoint, there is an important difference between these two terms. A dedicated server refers to the physical hardware that is installed in your own data canter or any server infrastructure. You might have outside of a third-party provider through our cloud-hosting services.

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