The Various Types of Cleaning Services Provided by Dry Cleaners

Customers of dry cleaners typically have a selection of available services from which to pick. Wet cleaning, changes, repairs, and labelling are just some of the services offered here. You may frequently find a listing for each of these options on the page devoted to services that a dry cleaner provides.

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Alterations by dry cleaners

There are several benefits to having Dry Cleaning Services done on your dress pants. It’s a no-brainer to them, but with a bit of adjustment, you can make them conform to the contours of your body. The nice aspect is that they are typically less expensive than a tailor would be. And getting them back to you will take you only a little while.

The employees of a dry cleaning service are the essential component of a reliable business. They are conversant with the cleaning procedures used by the organisation and can guide what would be most beneficial for you. 

They are also knowledgeable about the most recent technological advancements, which means they can keep your garments looking excellent for many years. In addition, they may offer some discounts on dry cleaning services. And who knows, maybe you’ll even end up with a few additional trinkets or boxes along the road. Ironing Services

Wet Cleaning

Historically, dry cleaners used a substance known as perchloroethylene in their processes. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that perchloroethylene is a substance that likely causes human cancer and should be considered an environmental hazard. In addition, it has been linked to kidney and liver damage.

Water is used when cleaning is done wet, rather than perchloroethylene as the solvent. The quantity of pollution caused by dry cleaning, both to the air and the water, is decreased. In addition to that, it makes the garments softer. It prevents the colours from fading and keeps the fabrics looking bright.

The use of wet cleaning as an alternative to dry cleaning is highly recommended. It is kinder to the environment, less harsh, and costs less. It is also an alternative to dry-clean-only clothes.

Using gentle, biodegradable detergents and careful washing techniques is standard practice for companies specialising in wet cleaning. In addition, they use modern tensioning equipment to press the goods into the appropriate shape gently. This method is more efficient than washing your hands by hand.

Method of dry cleaning

The method of dry cleaning makes use of a variety of different chemical solvents, including benzene, kerosene, and perchloroethylene, amongst others. The first dry cleaners employed these solvents to clean people’s garments.

The utilisation of these petroleum solvents in the dry cleaning process, on the other hand, resulted in several fires. In addition to that, they caused issues for dry cleaners’ insurance companies.

In addition to being the first commercial dry cleaning facility, the cleaning service that ran on kerosene was also the first. When it became clear that the solvent was successful, many dry cleaners began using it.


You can get your garments to smell clean, feel new, and, most importantly, smell like you just bought them by using the unique dry-cleaning procedure that Sanitone has developed. In addition, because the method uses a solvent that is safe for the environment, you will be contributing to the cause of preserving the invaluable resources of the earth.

You can use the revolutionary dry cleaning fluid from Sanitone to make your garments squeaky clean without resorting to water. You can recycle the solvent for your clothes and at your home or business.

To begin, the Sanitone procedure is risk-free for all dry-clean-only fabrics. In addition, the procedure uses solvents that are safe for the environment and an ingenious filtering system, both of which contribute to the result of your garments having a certain degree of pristine cleanliness.

 The method of dry cleaning is also more advantageous for your financial situation. It is not difficult to understand why Sanitone is considered the gold standard in the dry cleaning business.


Even though they operate in the service industry, dry cleaners offer a wide variety of services. They may clean your clothing, but they also may assist you in clearing up your nooks and crannies if you let them. 

There are even businesses that provide a one-stop shop for all of your washing and drying requirements. The question now is, how exactly does a dry cleaner tag the objects it cleans?

In a nutshell, dry cleaning companies use a system that monitors and labels each item in their inventory. To do this, you will need to use cleaning solvents in addition to specialised spot treatment chemicals. 

Using a strip tag is one of the more visible ways that dry cleaners tag the items they provide to their customers. This makes it possible for them to count each item and quickly capture its specifics. 

Utilising a unique coloured tag is another method that dry cleaners employ to identify the things they sell. This gives them the ability to note any specific instructions for objects requiring more care than just a wash and spin.

 Some businesses even use RFID tags, which are highly effective and dependable. These tagging techniques can also be used to track and identify goods, even if they need to be marked appropriately.

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