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Specific Work Experience Reporting Instructions For APEGS

Preparing a work experience report seems very challenging for engineering and geoscientist candidates for an APEGS assessment. It is because showing work experience effectively is a must for a positive assessment.

No matter how a good engineer or geoscientist you are, if you prepare a poor work experience report, then you will face rejection.

Apart from that, even if you have excellent writing skills, there is no guarantee that you can write an excellent report. It is because you also need to know the guidelines and instructions of APEGS. Deviation from these rules will spoil the whole broth even if you show your work experience effectively.

Taking all these facts into account, we have written this helpful blog. We hope that this blog will help you in APEGS work experience reporting. Here, we have provided you with some specific instructions to show your work experience as a geoscientist or engineer. So, take a deep breath and read the whole blog to the end.

Specific instructions to show APEGS work experience: 

You need to submit a minimum of three reports. (Interim Reports 12 months long (or very near to it, Final Report (a maximum of 24 months long):

  1. Generally, right after attaining a bachelor’s degree in geoscience or engineering, a graduate has registered as a member-in-training. One also has to submit pre-graduation experience reports right after registration. You can write your pre-graduation experience reports. After that, you can get it signed when you obtain the experience. However, you must remember that you don’t have to submit them to APEGS until you have registered as a member-in-training.

If receiving credit for pre-grad work experience, you will need more than 4-year post-bachelor experience.

The Interim Reports for post-bachelor experience would still be submitted on schedule, which is one year minimum for Interim Reports. However, the period for the Final Report would be less than 2 years. You should consult an APEGS report writing professional to know more about this.

2. You have to submit an Interim Report at the end of the first year of experience post-bachelors. Keep in mind that post-bachelors means the experience that is not pre-grad or for your Master’s or Ph.D. Therefore, despite completing a Masters or going back to work in industry, you would report that as ‘post-bachelors’ on the Report Summary Form.

3. An Interim Report you need to submit at the end of the second year.

  1. Submit the Final Report at the end of four years of total experience. The Final Report can be up to two years long. However, this report may be for less than two years, which depends on how much pre-grad experience had approval.

The Final Report is the last chronologically and the most important one in the experience review process. It is because it is the last chance to evaluate your qualifications before professional registration.

  1. Extra Interim Reports can be necessary if there is a change in employer at any other time. It can be when a major change in a job function with the same employer.

A change in projects with the same employer is not necessarily taken into account as a change in job. You must submit an Interim Report at a time other than 12 or 24 months. It is due to a job change, your next reporting period begins again. Moreover, it can be up to 12 months (unless it is the Final Report, in which case it can be up to two years).

Keep the following things in mind to show your work experience to APEGS: 

Some members-in-training will not have the same position. In other words, the same organization will not employ them for the entire period of 48 months. The following the examples of variations: a member-in-training who worked for:

  • Company x for 6 months,
  • Then moved to company y for the remainder of the time and
  • Had no change in the job functions would submit the report in the following ways:

Interim Report#1 for 6 months

Then, Interim Report#2 for 12 months

Interim Report#3 for 12 months

The Final report for 1.5 years

A member-in-training who worked for:

  • Company X for 14 months,
  • And company Y for 6 months,
  • Company Z for 6 months and
  • And company Q for the remainder of the time would submit reports as per the following:

Interim Report#1 for 14 months (company X)

Then, Interim Report#2 for 6 months (company Y)

Interim Report#3 for 6 months (company Z)

Final Report for 22 months (company Q)

If you are not sure what to do in a particular situation, it’s wise to contact the Director of Registration at APEGS.

You can submit a report anytime if have any wishes or concerns. Do it to confirm that your work experience opportunities are giving sufficient progress towards professional registration.

You must update and submit the work experience Report Summary Form (RSF) with each report submission.

It is the page after the signature page of the work experience reporting form. It shows the Experience Review Committee the history of reports that you submit and the reports you plan to submit.


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