Multistreaming On All Social Media Platforms

Streaming is the new common thing around the globe. Content creation is now considered a legit career option. The concept of streaming is to show the world what you are doing. It could be anything either playing games online, cooking, or working. Investors are ready to pay a hefty sum of money to streamers with a certain number of followers. For all the right reasons, streaming is now a full-time job. One common culture among streamers is to multistream and what better than if they get free multistreaming from a platform? In this article, we will discuss the online free multistreaming platform LivePush.

What is Multistreaming

Multi-destination streaming is a broadcasting technique that involves sending a single feed to multiple destinations at the same time. This is known as multicasting, simulcasting, or multistreaming. It is commonly used to simultaneously stream to multiple social media streaming sites as well as your own platform like your website. 

Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube are among the most popular platforms for multistreaming. Streaming is the new global trend and due to its popularity, many platforms have introduced the feature to multistream.

How Multistreaming is More Beneficial Than Live Streaming

The primary benefit of multistreaming is that broadcasters can reach a larger audience. The idea is to stream to platforms where your audience is already connected to the internet. Streaming to social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch allows you to reach out to your existing audience and build a more social community. You might be wondering why you would bother multistreaming to your website or app on top of your social platforms. Multistreaming simply adds another layer of benefits to white-label video streaming, which already has many advantages.

Streaming is the most efficient method of connecting with and targeting an audience in real-time, generating monetization on the fly through direct interaction and engagement. Advertisers and collaborators pay streamers who have a certain number of viewers a lot of money. This industry is expected to grow at a 28.3 percent CAGR to $247 billion by 2027. Given the number of people who use streaming, either as an audience or as a streamer, this growth forecast is noteworthy. When a gamer streams to multiple online platforms, he or she can gain far more connections and monetization opportunities.

How to Start Multistreaming

A lot goes on behind the scenes to make a multistream function. Fortunately, modern broadcasters can use live streaming technology to make the process very simple. And one of them is It is a straightforward, user-friendly free multistreaming platform that will solve your multistreaming problems.

As a streamer, you are probably already using an online video platform for white-label streaming to your brand’s website and app, such as You will also need the help of a dedicated multistreaming tool that integrates with your video hosting platform.

If you want to reach a wider audience then try to stream through multiple platforms. One of the famous combos is Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook. Select a tool that fits the combination. provides multistreaming tools with an easy-to-use interface and absolutely free.  

Once you have selected the tool, the next step is to connect the streaming platform with your tool. If they are integrated by default then they will be easily accessible. But if they are not you have to manually configure it. Once you have your setup, go ahead and do a test stream to check if it works according to your requirement. 

What is

Livepush is a video streaming dashboard that provides live media streaming, live scheduling, and VOD hosting services. It is built on a highly scalable cloud to stream live events at any scale. Easily broadcast live media to over 45 streaming platforms at the same time, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn, with no additional effort from the user.

The platform provides multiple streaming solutions to cater to your needs. It includes Game streaming, Church Streaming, and Live TV Streaming. You can have mass viewers by streaming epic gameplay on multiple platforms at the same time. The features include streaming your previously recorded sessions too. Also, to interact with your audience you can use chat overlays from different streaming sites to one embedded chatbox. The platform supports all the major streaming platforms. The list includes Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, and 45 more. 

Conclusive Thoughts

Multistreaming is the new normal and a valuable asset for those who opt for it in the long run. It is a platform that can assist you in reaching a larger audience. Fortunately, there are a number of multistreaming platforms that offer high-quality services on a tight budget. Streamers should definitely consider Rather than copying and pasting RTMP ingests from popular streaming sites, the platform allows you to link your account and start streaming.

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