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How To Tap Into Your Spiritual Side In 8 Easy Steps

Do you want to connect with something bigger than yourself? At the same time, you feel befuddled, as if you don’t understand the language. Don’t be concerned. It took you a while to connect with anything huge, but you will once you comprehend everything.

Here are eight basic strategies to help you gradually establish your spiritual practice.

1. Determine your goal.

Don’t panic; starting a spiritual practice does not need you to start carrying crystals or reciting mantras right now. The first step is just accepting that you desire to grow spiritually in the first place.

Your aim might be as basic as telling yourself, “I want to study more about spirituality in general,” or as formal as expressing your desire with friends to commemorate the start of this lifelong journey. Recognizing your longing and interest is akin to opening a door and embarking on the seeker’s road, even if just to yourself.

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2. Take care of your thoughts.

Everything you can get your hands on must be read. Begin with Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin or Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore. Both are excellent primers for cultivating sanctity in daily life. Watch lectures like John Searle’s TED Talk “Our Shared Condition.” Feed your curiosity, and remember that knowledge and curiosity go hand in hand.

3. Every day, be still.

Our relationship to spirit, the cosmos, or whatever you choose to call it is essentially an emotional one. As a result, setting aside time to quiet your thinking mind through meditation, chanting purposefully, or mindfulness is a terrific method to create a strong spiritual practice. It just takes 15 minutes every day.

Set your timer and go to a quiet place where you may sit comfortably and undisturbed. If that seems overwhelming, begin with a guided meditation. There are several free applications and recordings available on the internet. Choose one that appeals to you and commit to following it once a day.

4. Take care of your body.

Because the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, don’t forget to use your physical body in your quest for the mystical. Dancing, drumming, yoga, singing, and even sports are highly intuitive methods for expressing our spiritual selves via our bodies. Try to get rid of your thoughts and let your body tell you what it wants.

5. Approach your practice with fun.

You might think that spiritual practice has to be solemn and serious. According to Deepak Chopra, joy is one of the five noble emotions, and laughing is its language. So go into your new practice with a light heart. Laugh at yourself, at your professors, and the sheer absurdity of the human experience.

We have recycled star-stuff creatures rocketing around on an unusual blue planet in the vacuum of an exploding universe, and yet we allow ourselves to be derailed by clogged printers. We couldn’t help but chuckle.

6. Be alert for indicators.

As you establish a spiritual practice, you may discover that the universe offers signs and indications to support your seeker’s journey. These clues might be as basic as three separate people recommending the same book to you or meeting with a kindred spirit through a random incident.

Want to get things moving faster? Request signs. Writing a message to the cosmos is one of my favourite practises. Request assistance with anything you are having difficulty with, and thank her for her advice. Stay open, and you’ll notice minor course adjustments throughout life.

7. Make contact with your tribe.

Most people think that spirituality is a solitary pursuit. Therefore, they could not have been more mistaken. Get to meet with other searchers if you want to see your practice take form. Participate in workshops, courses, and retreats. Join an online community or organize an informal meeting with other travellers. An energy resonance can only be felt as part of a group.

8. Try new things.

The nicest part about starting a spiritual practice is that you can make it uniquely yours. There are no hard-and-fast rules; you can select what works for you. Choose any discipline, concept, or philosophy that appeals to you. Try everything and follow your instincts. Whatever piques your curiosity touches your heart and nourishes your spirit.

How do spirit guides communicate with us?

Spirit guides will frequently enter your life by providing you with signs known as synchronicities. “A significant coincidence,” according to Carl Jung, is what synchronicity is.

For example, following a quarrel with your lover before night, you may realize you need to strengthen your romantic connection. The next day, you see a book about communication in love relationships on a coworker’s desk.

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Whenever you go for a job interview, your lucky number might be in the address of the firm, or your guides may communicate with you through numbers or numbers sequences, such as 111.

When you get in the car after work, you might hear a song that usually inspires you playing on the radio, which reveals the messages of your spirit guides.

In dreams, you may receive guidance from spirit guides about handling a situation, or a guide may appear to you.

Another form of communication from a spirit guide is to help people and provide opportunities for them (e.g., asking an extremely interesting person in your life out to lunch, purchasing a ticket to a transformational workshop) concerning the person or chance your guide has sent or placed on your radar. Visit homepage for more articles

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