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How To Avoid Burning Of Coils

If you use a mod or pod, you know that lack of maintenance and care can make your device vulnerable to burning coils. Sometimes, a delicate e-liquid flavor suddenly converts into an unpleasant flavor. When the intensity of the hit changes suddenly, and it feels like someone is sandpapering your mouth, this is when you know that the coils are burning. 

It is not a good practice to ignore burning coils and continue vaping with the same device. A burned coil not only exposes you to an unpleasant sensation, but also makes your device evaporate harmful chemicals. If you dislike the burning taste associated with drying wick, then you can follow some measures to protect your vape from burning coils. 

4 Ways To Protect Your Coils From Burning:

If you’re the user of a vape pod in Pakistan or like to practice your hands on more technical devices such as mod kits, you should know how to avoid burning coils. A “burnt wick” tastes horrible and can destroy the head of the coil entirely. 

Fixing this problem or getting a new device means spending tons of money all over again. That is why, we have developed this guide, so people can prevent burning of their device’s coils to avoid the burnt taste. 

  • Do Not Vape Continuously:

Continuous use of the device makes the wick vulnerable to burning. When you do not allow the coils to reset for a few minutes after each puff, the wick will start to dry out. You can try a couple of consecutive puffs every once in a while, but doing it consistently will lead to an unpleasant burning taste. 

Wait for a few minutes after each puff to let the coils dampen and remain consistent in the provision of quality taste.  If you want to buy a vape pod in Pakistan that is high quality and does not involve risks such as dry coils, you can visit Pak Vapes.

  • Prime Your Coils Prior To Vaping:

Priming your coils prior to a vaping session is important. If you ignore this step, you can burn them even before using your device. When installing a new coil, give the wick at least five minutes to turn from dry to soaked. Priming is the vaping terminology used for soaking of the wick before its installment. 

  • Keep The Tank Of Your Vape Mod Filled:

The juice in your tank is also an essential factor because this is what keeps the wick soaked. If the liquid is low, it will not be able to completely dampen the coil head. The juice should be at a certain level, so it can immerse the coil in itself completely.

Try filling your tank as soon as you notice the reduced performance of your device. Refill the tank when the flavor starts to lighten. To avoid mixing of flavors, you can first empty the tank and then add the new flavor. You can also rotate the device to soak a drying wick, but the ideal option is refilling. 

  • Reduce The Power:

High power settings can lead to better clouds, but also utilizes hundreds of watts at each puff. When this practice is continued, it can do your device a lot of damage besides drying out your coils. 

Reduce the power of your mod as soon as you get the dry flavor. Take a break and let the wick re-soak the e-liquid before inhaling the next puff. However, if the dry flavored performance continues, you should consider lowering the wattage of your device. 

Here are four ways that will improve the performance of your device significantly and avoid coil burning. If you are looking for quality vaping products and accessories, you can consider Pak Vapes. Buy pods online from the most reliable and trusted vaping shop in Pakistan. Our collection features some of the best and globally recognized vaping brands.

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