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How Do I Choose The Balcony’s Floor?

 Is the balcony in need of cleaning? You can do a lot with a new balcony floor! Here, we discuss the many possibilities for balkong golvplattor and the various qualities they have for different types of  balcony floor. Stone and wood are both naturally occurring materials, however they have quite distinct qualities. Contrary to concrete or other forms of stone, which are sometimes seen as colder and tougher, wood typically seems more intimate and warm. Even yet, the “hard” might be a pleasing contrast to a generally warm and soft setting, such as an ancient wooden structure. A wooden floor could be preferred to reduce the impression if your home is plastered. You may learn more about the various floor types that are appropriate for balconies below.

Hardwood flooring and a composite trolley

Wooden floors are already a traditional choice for patios and balconies. On the trall balcony, however, you may also install hardwood floors. However, you should pick the proper sort of wood because balconies are frequently exposed to weather and wind. Siberian larch, bangkirai, and thermowood are all suitable substitutes for standard pressure-impregnated wood, which also performs exceptionally well.

balkong golv

Of course, wood flooring has a natural appearance and a distinctive feel, but it also needs a bit more maintenance than other types of flooring. komposittrall is for you if you want a balkong golv that is low maintenance and has a wooden appearance. Although it is a composite of wood and plastic, it appears like wood and requires no upkeep.

For the trall balcony, click tiles and trolley windows.

Click tiles and trolley windows are for you if you want to change plintar altan floors as quickly as possible. Even individuals without much knowledge may quickly and simply install it because it is quite inexpensive. In no time, your trall balcony will look fantastic! The materials for the click plates and trolley windows include plastic, composite, and wood.

Most likely, some click tiles and trolley windows will need to be trimmed to fit the trall balcony when they are laid. This is simple to accomplish with an angle grinder. Just be careful to cut the straight edges rather than the ones that are attached to the click system. The ground must be level and sturdy. As a basis, concrete, tiles, or leveling compound are all suitable options.

Balcony Tile

Since it takes a lot of labor, laying tiles on the balcony might not be the best option for a novice. The substrate needs to be treated, and there is a lot of preparation required. But once it’s set, it’s a delight to walk on and use for entertainment!

An even surface for laying tiles on the plintar altan is A and O. Concrete should be used, and the surface should be entire, level, and slope roughly 2% in the direction of the drain or terrain. Applying a primer to the concrete before filling it will help the putty cling to the concrete more effectively. Additionally, you should wet the substrate before installing the tiles. This will prevent limescale buildup in the joints, shield the concrete from moisture damage, and protect it against limescale precipitation.

On the trall balcony , fake grass

Do you wish to feel the texture of grass under your feet but don’t have a garden? The trall balcony may then have fake grass installed. Laying artificial grass is quick and simple. This is how:

  • The fake grass lengths should be evenly rolled out and clipped parallel to the edge of the trall balcony.
  • Apply a good adhesive or carpet tape, then fold the lengths to the side where the seams are.
  • Verify that the joints are snug and firmly push the lengths into the glue or carpet tape.
  • Your lush trall balcony will be ready after everything has dried.

What floor can I fit my plinths balcony on?

Of course, personal preference plays a major role in the flooring selection for the plinths balcony. What you enjoy and find objectionable. But there are also some more elements. What is the budget’s size? What is the style of the rest of your home and how does it match this? And, What level of effort are you willing to invest into a new trall balcony floor? Additionally, consider the layout of your plinths balcony. What kind of furnishings do you prefer? Before choosing which floor you should have, try to imagine in general what your plinths balcony should look like.

Floor tiles or decking are better options for a plinths balcony floor since they are simpler to install.

Composite trays or tiles are a wonderful option if you want a floor that doesn’t require any upkeep.

If you want to feel like you’re on a plinths balcony in the middle of nature, wooden flooring are the way to go.


Do you wish to create a garden-like atmosphere on your plinths balcony? If so, fake grass and plants are the ideal combination for you.

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